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Equine vaccinations.

Spring Vaccinations for Horses

Spring has arrived and horse owners in Texas are preparing for springtime activities with their equine companions. Amidst riding trails, competing in shows, or just enjoying time with your horse, it is essential to remember vaccinations. Just as spring brings renewal and growth, it is the perfect time to protect your horses against preventable diseases. In this blog, we will explore which spring vaccinations your horses require and why they must be administered during this season. 

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Equine dental exam in progress.

The Importance of Annual Equine Dental Exams

If you are a conscientious horse owner, you likely make an effort to provide the best possible care for your equine friend. You ensure your horse receives proper nutrition, regular exercise, is groomed frequently, and receives proper veterinary care. However, one crucial aspect of health that is commonly overlooked but essential for your horse’s well-being is dental care. Annual equine dental exams help keep a healthy mouth for your horse.

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The Cooling Power of Equine Acupuncture in Extreme Heat

As summer’s scorching temperatures sweep across the nation, horse owners face the challenge of maintaining their equine companion’s wellness and performance during periods of extreme heat. Horses, like humans, are susceptible to the dangers of overheating. However, what sets horses apart is their limited ability to sweat, a vital cooling mechanism. Enter equine acupuncture, an ancient practice that has gained modern recognition for its remarkable ability to help horses sweat efficiently even in the most sweltering conditions. 

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