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About Us

Equine expert Dr. Newsham.

Welcome to High Caliber Performance

Our equine sports medicine experts are knowledgable in diagnosing and treating a wide range of performance or lameness issues.

High Caliber Performance is an equine veterinary and performance care practice, utilizing both traditional and holistic techniques to primarily care for equine athletes. Our experts mix modern and traditional veterinary methods for horses to deliver a high standard of equine care. High Caliber Performance offers a wide range of equine veterinary services, including:

Our Equine Experts

Equine expert Dr. Newsham.
Dr. Newsham
Dr. Newsham grew up in the hunter and jumper world and began riding in 1997 at a small barn in Conroe, Texas. As she grew, as did her passion for the equine athlete. She was present at many local and national shows in her riding career up and through college.
Savannah is well rounded in microcurrent and holistic therapies. She was raised in a household that was founded on using the fruits of the earth to heal and treat ailments. Savannah is no stranger to the show world, holding several titles and blasting short times in the barrel horse community.