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Muscle relief therapy for horses.

Muscle Relief for Performance Horses

Did you know that 85% of joint stability is healthy and functional muscle? Regular muscle relief for performance horses is an essential aspect of their overall health and well-being.

Relief for muscle tightness involves various techniques that can help keep your horse’s joints and soft tissues stay in optimal condition. At High Caliber Performance, we understand the importance of alternative therapies for performance horses. We specialize in providing top-notch muscle relief for your horse along with traditional veterinary care. 

High Caliber Performance is an equine veterinarian practice that focuses on performance horses and movement medicine. We believe alternative therapies allow us to monitor how your horse is handling training and performance. Muscle evaluation and muscle relief assists in uncovering minor issues before they become significant problems for your horse. Our treatments can focus on specific areas of the body that target muscle areas, promote healing, and muscle recovery.  

Our team is passionate about helping your horse achieve optimal health and wellness. We take pride in observing the positive changes in your horse’s behavior and in performance work, which leads to a happier horse and owner. We use a range of therapies for your horse, including the following: 

Understanding the Importance of Muscle Relief 

Like human athletes, performance horses often push their bodies to the limits, subjecting their muscles to tremendous strain. The repetitive nature of training, the demands of competition, and the physicality of their activities can lead to muscle soreness and potential injuries. This is where muscle and joint relief comes into play, serving as a cornerstone in the care and maintenance of performance horses. Additionally, muscle relief helps keep your horse feeling soft, supple, and happy during training. 

Investing in movement medicine for your performance horse is not only about enhancing their athletic abilities but also about ensuring their longevity, happiness, and overall quality of life. 

Why High Caliber Performance Veterinary Services? 

We offer a wide range of services to help your horse achieve optimal performance. Dr. Brittany Newsham is committed to providing your horse with the highest standards of care, including a treatment plan that is customized to their unique needs. Besides regular bodywork, we offer nutritional counseling, exercise programs, and traditional veterinary care. Taking an integrated approach to equine health can help your horse reach its full potential and enjoy a long, healthy life.  

If you are interested in movement medicine for your equine athlete or companion animal reach out to us today. We would love to speak with you on how our services can help your horse reach its full potential or aid in recovering from an injury or illness. Schedule an appointment today. Call 281-743-7549. 

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